Transmission Valve Body Replacement Scan Tool: How to Choose the Best Option

transmission valve body replacement

Which Scanner tools has the function of "transmission re-learn"? I am looking for the more affordable models. I am about to replace the valve body in my transmission and I need a scanner tool that can Learn the new valve body.

A Comprehensive Guide to Scan Tool Selection for Vehicle Valve Body Replacement.

If you're looking for a scanner that can perform valve body replacement or adaptation, I recommend looking for functions explicitly related to transmission or TCM adaptation, calibration, or replacement in the scanner's features. You might also want to explore the product descriptions, user manuals, and customer support resources to ensure that the scanner you're considering can indeed handle these specific tasks related to the transmission system.

"AT learning mode" generally refers to the adaptive learning process of the transmission control module (TCM) in which the TCM learns and adapts to the driver's driving style and the vehicle's operating conditions.

Performing an AT (Automatic Transmission) learning mode can help optimize the shifting patterns and overall performance of the transmission. This is particularly useful after certain transmission-related maintenance tasks such as fluid changes, repairs, or component replacements.

Valve Body Repair: Choosing the Right Scan Tool for the Job

Autel MaxiCOM MK808:

The Autel MK808 is an excellent choice for your valve body replacement and learning requirements. It includes a dedicated "TCM / AT learning mode" function, specifically designed to adapt and learn the new valve body after replacement. This ensures optimal performance and shifting characteristics.
The Autel MK808 is user-friendly and equipped to handle transmission tasks like the one you're undertaking. It's a reliable option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
autel mk808 full systems diagnoses

Launch Pros Mini:

While the Launch Pros Mini doesn't have a specific "Valve Body Adaptation" function, it offers "Transmission Fault Code," "Module Information," and "Read Data Stream" capabilities. These features are valuable for diagnosing transmission issues and monitoring performance.
Launch x431 pros mini special funstions listed
The Autel MK808 specializes in valve body replacement and adaptation, while the Launch Pros Mini provides broader diagnostic tools for transmission-related tasks.
Make sure you follow the scanner's instructions and any vehicle-specific guidelines to ensure the transmission relearn procedure is performed correctly.