In what way does MS908s pro out perform MK908p and MS908p?

The Maxisys pro MS908p, MS908s pro, and Mk908p are ideal diagnostic tools for diagnosing automotive faults quickly, efficiently, and effectively, managing customer data, and standardizing business processes. They are upgraded versions of the ms908. While all 3 scanners have a J2534 for programming ECUs, the MS908 does not. Maxisys MS908s Pro is the US version of Maxicom mk908p scanner.

Hardware comparison:

  1. Maxisys pro MS908P uses the Samsung Exynos Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz, while MK908P and MS908s Pro use the Samsung Exynos Hexa-Core Processor 1.3GHz.
  2. Operating system: The diagnostic scan tool MK908P and MS908s pro runs Android 4.4.2, KitKat.
  3. Memory: The MS908P has 32GB of on-board memory, while the MK908P and MS908s Pro has 64GB.
  4. Display Size & Resolution: The Automotive diagnostic scanner MK908P is equipped with an 101.1-inch LED screen with 1920x1200 resolution which provides better user experience than the MS908P.
  5. The MK908P and MS908s Pro's camera provides detailed, high-quality images with 8.0 Megapixels.
  6. The battery capacity of a tablet diagnostic tool with a built-in battery greatly influences its diagnostic integrity and user experience. Battery capacity of the MK908P is 4000mAh higher than the MS908P, extending usage time by 45%.
autel maxisys ms908p vs ms908s pro vs mk908p

Comparison of software:

  • Maxisys pro MS908p and MK908p have identical software functionalities, only their hardware differs. MK908p is the online version of MS908p.

  • The MS908S Pro comes with Autel's newest Cloud Service "Remote Expert", but the MK908P and MS908p does not.

  • MS908S Pro is widely used by US/EU and other local car shops and technicians. This device is backed up by local Autel agents in the US and Europe in addition to the excellent service provided by its seller. As an online product, the MK908P has only the seller as a backup provider.

  • Vehicle Coverage: MS908S Pro supports MACLAREN and TESLA, whereas MK908p and MS908p don't.

Comparison of prices:

  • Maxisys pro MS908 has been discontinued. 
  • The MK908P scanner offers the same diagnostic functions as the MS908P, but has upgraded hardware and is less expensive.
  • Currently on sale for the lowest price, the MS908s Pro is the most advanced scanner in this series and makes the best choice if you're considering it. It supports13 languages with no IP restrictions.