Launch X431 V+ 4.0 Pro
Launch X431 V+ 4.0 Pro

Launch X431 V+ 4.0 Pro

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    Introducing Launch X431 V+ Pro:

    Launch X431 V+ is a professional-grade scanner with exceptional features and affordability. This full systems auto diagnostic scanner offers 37+ service functions, ECU coding, bi-directional control, and compatibility with various X431 modules. With no-IP restrictions, a 5-year warranty, 2 years of free software upgrades, and 24/7 support, it's a top choice for automotive professionals.

    An image displays the Launch X431 V+ Pro Scanner on the right, featuring a new topology mapping function shown in a screenshot. On the left, a list of diagnostic features is provided, while the bottom showcases the hardware configuration details.

    Launch X431 V+ 4.0: The Enhanced 2022 Edition with Exciting New Features

    • VAG Guided Functions for seamless compatibility with VW, AUDI, SKODA, and SEAT vehicles.
    • AutoAuth for FCA SGW, enabling diagnostics for Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat models after 2017.
    • Unlock hidden functions with ease through the Reflash Hidden Functions feature.
    • Enjoy the convenience of Online Coding, specifically designed for VW, Skoda, and Seat vehicles.
    • Navigate effortlessly on the 10.1-inch screen, displaying up to 15 data streams for easy analysis.
    • Expand your diagnostic capabilities to include gasoline and 24v diesel trucks with Launch X431 heavy-duty modules.
    • Store and access a wealth of data with the generous 32GB storage capacity, further extendable up to 128GB.

    X431 V+ Upgraded with Bi-Directional Control Feature

    LAUNCH X431 V+ 4.0 can run active tests to request information from the powertrain control module, and the PCM will reply by sending the information back to the scan tool. It can also perform system tests, actuate relays, injectors, or coils, etc. 

    The image displays someone holding a launch x431 v+ scanner. While on the left, a list of it's all system diagnostic features and bi-directional function is provided in detail.

    Launch X431 V+ Pro Full System Diagnosis, 37+ Service Functions:

    Among its maintenance functions are oil, injector and brake resetting, Anti-theft IMMO Serivce, ASA, BAT, bleeding, TPMS resetting, DPF regeneration, gear relearning, AFS resetting, EGR adaption, SUS resetting, Programmable Module Installation, etc. 
    • AutoAuth for FCA, SGW
    • Windows Calibration  
    • Seats Calibration 
    • Tyre reset  
    • Language Change 
    • A/F Reset A/F 
    • Coolant Bleed 
    • Transport Mode 
    • AdBlue Reset 
    • NOx Sensor Reset NOx 
    • Stop/Start Reset 
    • SCN Coding

    an image shows service functions of launch x431 v+ diagsnotics, inluding but not limited to: injector coding, oil reset, BMS relearn, IMMO keys, windows calibration, throttle calibration, seat initialization, seat, initialization, airbag matching, sunroof reset, TPMS reset.

     Launch  Scanner X431 V+ Auto VIN , Auto Scan:

    Featuring a powerful Auto VIN Technology to retrieve vehicle information in just one touch, the user is able to quickly diagnose all the ECUs on their vehicles and run a diagnosis on selected systems.

    Launch Scan Tool X431 V+ WIth ECU Coding:

    ECU coding lets you change preprogrammed options in the software, customize your automobile by adjusting certain settings, such as alarms and door locks. It also gives you access to hidden features or disables annoying functions. You can perform online ECU coding on BMW, VW, Porsche, Renault, and many other vehicles.

    The image shows someone holding a Lanch X431 v+ pro on the hand and on the left illustrates the advanced ECU coding function of the Launch X431 V+ scanner. It showcases online coding, offline coding, and offline programming capabilities.

    Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities with LAUNCH X431 V+ 4.0 and Additional Modules:

    • The LAUNCH X431 V+ 4.0 diagnostic tool offers additional modules (available for separate purchase) to cater to the diverse needs of professional technicians and car owners. Here are the details:

      1. LAUNCH X431 HDIII: Allows comprehensive HD truck diagnostics for vehicles ranging from 12V to 24V.
      2. LAUNCH X431 TSGUN: Performs professional TPMS diagnostics and maintenance tasks, including sensor activation, TPMS relearning, Launch Sensor programming, and monitoring TPMS health.
      3. LAUNCH BST360 Battery Tester: When connected, it provides battery diagnostic features such as battery health tests, start system tests, and charging health tests, aiding in accurate and timely detection of battery-related issues.
      4. LAUNCH VSP600 Videoscope: Enables visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas by capturing videos and still images, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.
      5. LAUNCH X431 PROG3: Allows vehicle key programming, engine programming, and gearbox programming for various vehicles.
      6. X431 ADAS Moblie/ADAS PRO: Facilitates calibration of camera-based and radar-based driver assistance systems.
      7. LAUNCH X431 Wi-Fi Printer: Enables connection to Wi-Fi printers for printing diagnostic data or reports.
    • LAUNCH V+ 4.0 supports OBD1, OBD2, EOBD, and JOBD protocols.

    The image displays the LAUNCH X431 V+ diagnostic tool along with a set of additional modules listed. These modules expand the capabilities of the tool, offering comprehensive inspection functionalities for various diagnostic and maintenance tasks.

    Launch Scanners Professional Technical Support:

    • Generate a full system diagnostic report by 1-click.
    • Online resources offering information about 1600 different vehicles, including service manuals, case studies, and operating tips.
    • The History function allows users to quickly access test vehicles and pick up where they left off, without having to start over.
    • Maintainance help: How-to videos, operating skills, quick start guides, etc.

     Multi-language Support:

    Launch X431 V+ supports 24 Languages including: Italian, English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Romania, Serbia, Finnish, Swedish, Czech
     Launch X431 V+ Pro 4.0 Package List
    1. X-431 V+ Scan Pad,
    2. Quick Start Guide,
    3. Software List,
    4. Clipper,
    5. Fuse,
    6. Bluetooth Adapter (Dbscar-4/Ds301),
    7. Switching Adapter;
    8. 14 special connectors for diagnosing different cars directly
    9. 13 cables and adapters.


    Comparing the Launch X431 V pro and the Launch X431 V+ 4.0:

    Hardware Specs:

    The Launch X431 V+ generally comes with more advanced hardware specifications compared to the Launch X431 V, including faster processor, more memory, and additional features like a larger screen size.

    Vehicle Coverage:

    The Launch X431 V+ typically comes with a broader range of diagnostic cables compared to the Launch X431 V, which expands its compatibility with various vehicle models.

    Heavy-duty Modules:

    X431 V+ has the capability to be compatible with Launch X431 heavy-duty modules, which enables it to diagnose heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and buses. This makes the X431 V+ a more versatile diagnostic tool with more powerful functions compared to the X431 V, which does not support heavy-duty modules.

    Launch X431 V+ 4.0 pro software updates:

    Upon purchasing the Launch x431 v+ pro, you will enjoy 2 years of free software updates. After this period, should you wish to continue receiving updates, the pricing as of now is as follows:

    USD $450 per year

    USD $780 for 2 years

    You can continue to use the tool even if you choose not to purchase the update. However, you'll be using it without access to the new updated features.

    Launch x431 V+ Global Version:

    The Launch x431 V+ has no IP restrictions, meaning you can utilize it anywhere around the globe.

    Launch x431 V+ language support:

    Launch X431 V+ supports 24 Languages including: Italian, English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Romania, Serbia, Finnish, Swedish, Czech.

    Launch X431 V+ Vehicle Coverage:

    The Launch X431 V+ PRO3 scan tool can diagnose electronic control systems in many different types of cars from Asia, Europe, America, and China. It works with over 108 car brands and supports diagnostics for more than 10,000 car models.

    Kindly visit the official Launch website to access the support list: