What scanner would allow me to cycle on the AC compressor to test it?

car air compressor diagnose

For testing the AC compressor, you'll want a scanner that offers functions related to the HVAC system or air conditioning. When performing an "Active Test" on the HVAC control module, you will be able to manually activate different HVAC components, including the AC compressor, blower motor, air distribution actuators, and more. This could allow you to cycle the AC compressor on and off as part of a diagnostic procedure.

Here's what you can do:

Choose "HVAC Controls" from the available options.
Look for an "Active Test" function within the HVAC Controls menu.
Explore the active test options and see if there is a specific function related to the AC compressor or air conditioning system.
If you find an AC compressor-related function, you will be able to initiate cycling or testing of the AC compressor through the active test feature.

We've compiled a list of scanner models with active test functionality. Simply click on the link below to view these models and their detailed specifications. 
To explore the specific models and check their compatibility with your vehicle for AC compressor testing, we invite you to visit the link below:
"Active Test" function for silverado on the HVAC control module